Sunday, November 8, 2009

SuperGo Sam Searches for a New Ride

Living on Bloor Street West in Toronto, there are plenty of bike shops wanting a racer's business. Here's a summary of the help I got and didn't get along the way. Note that I'm a bit of a weenie and know what I want. I've been sponsored and worked in a shop; so I had high expectations for service, pricing and selection.

Wheels of Bloor was my first stop. I'd been in a few times and knew they had the ideal bike I was looking for. I've had a love affair with the Cervelo Soloist (Now S series) since the 2003 US Duathlon Championships in Alpharetta, GA. A training crash two days before nationals meant I needed a bike FAST - the owner of All3Sports leant me his Soloist and I rode one of my fastest 40K splits EVER. Aside from Thor winning the Green Jersey at this year's Tour, Carlos winning yellow at 2008's and every other reason to buy a Soloist... I was a believer. $3699 will get you into a S2 (on special) but that was a little outside my price range for what I wanted in an Ultegra set up.

I was also more than interested in a Felt AR Series frame as ridden by the Garmin-Slipstream boys. Felt used to be a SuperGo brand and their rides were rockin light. Having heard the history of Jim Felt and knowing that a lot of thought and science goes into his bikes; I would have likely done what needed to be done to make this buy happen. I really got a hard-on for this bike during the Tour as I loved it's curves. The sprinters and climbers all riding the same frame - that was hot - but in 2009, they only produced higher end component groups and were 'exclusively' priced. Now in 2010 they have the AR Team - AR5 AND a frame set available for sale. But again, the price was a little much for just getting back into the sport.

If you have the money to spend - Out of the shops I visited. WoB DEFINITELY had the most the most comfortable atmosphere to shop in. No gimicki sales, no bs about the price of carbon going up, the least buying pressure of anyone and staff that really knew their stuff. Whether you wanted to look by yourself, or ask questions, they were flexible to give you your space, or offer their knowledge, I really appreciated that.

If cash is a bit of an issue - like it is with most of us - keep an eye on their SPECIALS:
Look (585 built with 105 for $2500) Orbea (they're Orca offer was VERY tempting!)
Argon 18, BMC, Colnago, Devincy, Ridley and Time also adorn the shelves.

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