Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nov 10, 1775 + A Few


United States Marines represent the best young men and women our Nation has to offer. To be a Marine is to be a member of America's warrior class - to be one of the few who steps forward with the courage and conviction to face whatever dangers await. Our Nation expects her Marines to be ready when the Nation calls; to leave family and the comforts of home behind; to march into battle and thrive under austerity; and to come home under a victory pennant.

From Al Anbar in the west of Iraq, to Helmand Province in the south of Afghanistan, our Corps of Marines can always expect to be found where the fight is toughest. Such is our history. Today, as we write the final chapter on our victory in Iraq, we will increasingly take the fight to the enemy in Afghanistan and add new pages to our legacy in places called Delaram, Now Zad, and Garmsir. One day, we will return to our naval heritage and patrol the high seas with our Navy brothers. Such is our future.

To all who have gone before, to those who wear the uniform today, and to the families that give us the strength to forge ahead - I wish you all a heartfelt Happy 234th Birthday!

Semper Fidelis,

James T. Conway
General, U.S. Marine Corps

ALMar 033/09 (Complete script here)
Video of Commandant's Birthday Message.

The saying, "Once a Marine, Always Marine" is true - so today it's my birthday too.
To all my brothers home and away, kick ass and have a Happy Birthday.

In case you're wondering why Sgt. Major Kasal is in the video so many times... he's part of the new breed of heroes to come out of Iraq. He was my Gunny in 2002 with 1st Bn, 4th Mar, 1st Mar, 1Mar Div in 2002. When he was promoted to 1st Sgt, he moved over to 3/1. November 14th, 2004, First Sergeant Kasal showed the world what being a Marine is all about. You can read the story here, or his Presidential Citation for the Navy Cross here.

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