Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 6: Nov 14, 209 - trail run

This was my first run of the season, so I took it easy, REALLY easy.
It was a little bit interesting start, because going down the front steps of my building; my legs let me know they were still recovering from the stairs workout on Day 4!

5:00 warm-up / STRETCH
Does anyone else feel weird stretching in public after you've fun? It's like you pass a bunch of walkers; and then they catch up... maybe it's just me but it makes me self-conscious.

5:00 - warm-up jog
Having to pick up my wife's cell phone from a friend - I made it a "destination" jog :) It was a great stop-over because it was close High Park and I prefer to run on trails.

10:00 - easy trail jog
That's it - a whopping 10 minute run.
My legs haven't ran in over a year, and as I'm getting older I'm learning taking my time over injury is important, and I'm still a little bit sick. But I feel as though my muscles got to remember some important things.

To me, trail running is like free weights for your feet. The natural undulations, quirks and lumps make your feet and legs react to your weight as they're supposed to. This gives your ankles, supporting muscles, and joints a chance to stabilize your perpetual motion and build your body into a lean mean racing machine - or at least one that works in cohesion with itself. Right now, with just getting back into shape, it's very important that all of my muscle groups become friends with each other again :)

Not to mention the pre-permafrost grass and dirt also act as a shock absorber for your joints! Athens Olympic Bronze Medalist, American athlete Deena Kastor shared with Life Time Fitness that she too prefers trail running. "On the physical side, the trails absorb some of the shock that hits my joints when I run on asphalt and concrete, so trail running helps me stay fresh." Another physical benefits of trails that there's often less pollution, and beautiful scenery. Or in my case today, LEAVES!

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