Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 68: Jan 16, 2010 - LSD (Base)

Today I accomplished a new feat. For the first time in a LONG time I kept my butt on the trainer for 2 hours in Zone 1. Well not exactly, I did have to take a bathroom / water bottle refill break but other than that - it was just me and the bike.

The heart rate stayed surprisingly low for the duration; even with trying to keep the wattage near the top of Z1.


With staying at Keiser M3 gear 10 AND Zone 1:
Lap 1 = 30 km / hr
La 2 = 32 km / hr
I like very much :)
The bust is that it was all done at 0% elevation. Check out pics from next week to see how we combat this one :P

Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 67: Jan 14, 2010 - Mixer

Today was kind of a fun one.
A little bit of building, and I got the work out right :)
The bust is I forgot my Polar 720i @ home; but at least the Keiser M3 helped keep me in line :)

5 Min wu
20 MIN Z1
10 MIN Z2
20 MIN Z1
10 MIN Z3
5 Min Rec

Good times. My RPMs were a little all over the place so I need to work on a smoother cadence; but other than that I feel great :)!

Day 65: Jan 12, 2010 - Z1 + 2

Some days you think you know your work out . . . then you get to the gym and blank out that was me today. Nothing too major.

The work out WAS 60 min Zone 1, 30 - 45 min Zone 2.
I did:
8 min wu
45 min z1
30 min z2
10 min z3
5 min rec

I think I feel a little bit like Prefontain. I'm not doubling my mileage (yet) but I'm definitely pushing the envelope as much as I can with the time allotted to me. (oh to get to bed earlier to be able to rise earlier!)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 64: Jan 11, 2009 - Yiiii

OK - so today was great.
I was up before the sun, wish it was a little earlier but it wasn't too bad.

If you still eat dairy (which I do in winter) wake up extra early so your milk or yogurt has time to digest. Otherwise you'll have to take a 5 minute poo break during your warm up (or at least I did this morning)! Other notes.... pre-pack EVERYTHING the night before if you're planning a 6am start. My body works a little slow in the morning so my last 5 minutes of packing / prep took 15.

On to the work out:
15 min warm-up (low)
15 min zone 1
05 min zone 3 + 05 min recovery x 5
10 min warm-down

With help of the Keiser M3 I was able to do every other Zone 3 at 70ish rpms to get a real cranker in (and tried to keep everything else at 105 rpm avg). I found however after the masher interval, I'd have to spin at like 115rpm to get my legs back. Which in turn meant my watts dropped (even as low as 100 some times) but hey, I was recovering ;)

Unfortunately with working on a spin bike it doesn't 'save' my data so I record it as best as I can, and have to judge by heart rate and perceived value for record keeping... but it's in the moment I know I hurt.

Keiser Averages:
RPM: 87
Watts: 178
Dist: 33.7km
Time: 70:05

(total work out was longer, but I lost a few sets of data along the way *bathroom*, however, this was the bulk of the work out.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 62: Jan 9, 2010: Watts are BACK!

I can't even describe how happy I was today!
New gym had the new Keiser M3 spin bikes - WATTS, CADENCE, TIME, DISTANCE... everything you want in a training partner.

Anyhow, here's the photos and stats.

Distance: 27.2km (if it was miles I would have been smokin fast!)
Avg Watts: 181
Avg Cadence: 102

This was an easy ride where I just went for a spin but had to play with the watts a little.
Next week I'm starting the 'real' base again, so this was just a play day.