Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012 - No More Cheating

Yesterday - it was Jan 23 and I went for a run in the rain.
What the heck - it's supposed to be winter - and I got to run OUTSIDE! Without freezing my @$$ off, I was quite happy.  My shoes were happy too because they felt like I finally quit cheating on them with my bike; who remains perched on the indoor trainer for winter months.
Sadly, I developed a blister at the 5km mark... likely due to the wetness.  Cheating always comes back to bite you - #lifelessons #cheatingalwayssucks

Another thing I want to quit is cheating on my training plan.
I can make some killer training plans, but after a few months the motivation wanes and I'm back on the couch. #fail

2012 - No More Cheating is officially added to the list.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Aero is BACK

Added aerobars for today's work out.

5 min upright x 5 mins in aero x 4
Each set increase resistance one gear on the trainer.

My current aero bar set-up is a Profile-Design T2+ from 2005.
At 483 claimed grams it's certainly not the heaviest, nor lightest clip-on, but for my beloved Fuji Team Issue (2005) it dialed in my fit perfectly.  Now that I'm on a new ride, time will tell if these are still the bars for me!