Sunday, November 8, 2009

Memory Bike Lane

Right now I don't have a bike, at all.
What! How is SuperGo Sam going to ride again if he doesn't have a bike?
Hopefully research and experience have helped me figure out how to best fulfill the needs of a Toronto racer - in one bike.

Stiff frame for crits.
Aero for time trials, light for the hills (which there aren't many of)...
Rapid Response brakes to help contend with crazy traffic.
Some form of comfort for our should be condemned roads.
Crisp shifting for twitchy group rides...
This bike is going to be the most important bike I've ever owned - an everything bike. Road races, TTs, crits, training - one bike, one goal "to see if I still have it".
The Fuji SST 1.0 (above) would be a perfect choice, but it's not being available until Feb 2010... And if SuperGo Sam is gonna ride again - I need to get on the bike yesterday. To help determine what's needed in my new bike, I decided to take a look back at the bikes of SuperGo Sam.

Let me introduce you to the bikes of my past when I did "have it" as we take a walk down Memory Bike Lane.

Bike # 1. Russ Denny 2002
Custom tube selection, angle design and candy red paint. Sexiest bike I've ever owned.
Colubmus aluminum aero down tube with razor sharp seat stays. Easton S-Bend chain stays got all the pedal power straight to the wheels. Aero seat tube extended to add some stiffness. Note the cut out near the seat collar; this was the ONLY bike like this as I wanted my frame to be UNDER 3 lbs :) And when you're training for worlds in Switzerland - you want a light bike!
2nd - US National Championships 2003
17th - U23 World Duathlon Championships 2003

This was the last of my bikes to be sold; August 2009. Having a multi-sport geometry doesn't quite fit with what I want to do this year. Unfortunately this picture doesn't do it or Russ justice; but it is truly a beauty.
Bike # 2. Scott CR1 Limited 2004
As the world was the rage with carbon - I made the leap. A pre-season race in February left a lot of the field in my dust and an Arizona shop was more than happy to help me into the "Bike of the Year". This was seriously the stiffest bike ever. It did it's job; qualified for Worlds, did well at nationals... but it didn't fit me too well and was too stiff for long training rides (kinda harsh) so I sold the frame the next year (but kept the DA 7800 parts).

Bike # 3. Kestrel Talon SL 2005
THIS was a phenomenal ride. Comfortable, aero dynamic, fit great (55cm)...
I did my first 5 hour ride on this bike and loved it. Training miles didn't feel like near as much work - it was amazing until...
January 4, 2006 I face planted into a Mercedes' windshield while making a left through a green light. Somehow we didn't see each other and I wound up in the MRI machine with a fractured helmet, major concussion and 3 chipped teeth.

With working at Performance, we had just picked up Fuji bikes, and I was excited to try one of their steeds. On Dec 29th I had bought myself a Christmas present with my employee discount - perfect timing because I needed 'something' to help me get ready for my dream season:

Bike # 4. Fuji Roubaix RC (now the Fuji Roubaix ACR)
Stiff aluminum frame with carbon seat stays for comfort.
Shimano Ultegra's work horse strong components
Put on my Dura Ace crank set to lighten the pedal bearing load a little.
This was my training road bike and San Diego 'winter' bike, and came in handy for a few speedy crits I wanted to race in.

You can see the complete stable here as I'm loading up my Hyundai Elantra for the long trek from Oceanside, CA to Winnipeg, MB.

Sold in 2008 to help pay for WEDDING!

With the crash toasting my Kestrel Talon SL, I needed a new racing rocket. And Fuji delivered - again. In a miracle sponsorship arrangement - Fuji completely changed my life by providing me the frame of my dreams. It looked like my Scott CR1, was light like my Scott CR1, but this frame... this frame was built for all day business (or in my case, running once you got off the bike). A call to Profile-Design took care of the rest of my needs and I was off to the races.

Bike #5. Fuji Team Issue
Frame set: 2005 Fuji Team Issue
Fork: Fuji 330 Carbon
Handlebars: Profile-Design Lava OS
(clip-on compatible - great bend)
TT Bars: Profile-Design T2+
Stem: Profile-Design Lava OS
Seat Post: Profile-Design Elite Strada
Wheels: Reynolds 45mm DV-UL's with White Industries hubs
Group*: Shimano Dura Ace 7800
Saddle*: Fizik Carbon Winf Flex
(*still from Bike 2)

Sold in 2008 to pay for wedding :(. This one was a tearful goodbye. It went to a wonderful woman named Karen who I just heard a few days ago is taking good care of my memory maker. Together Fuji TI and I took on the world.
2nd - 2006 US National Duathlon Championships 20-24
FASTEST BIKE SPILT in AG "What, you're riding a road bike?"
US National Duathlon Grand Prix Champion (10 races across the US)

Many consider Fuji a 'lesser' brand because they haven't had the big names riding their bikes. Their development has been two steps ahead of where a 'non top 5' brand should be on the technology curve. This year Servetto's on their bikes and already making waves.

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