Sunday, November 22, 2009

day13: Nov 21, 2009 - Run

Atlanta Day 1
This year I'm having an official fall training week while visiting friends in Atlanta.
Today I took the dog out for a run but it didn't go so well :(
About 8 minutes away from the house the dog got tired and wanted to go home.
Alas - work out.
The stats on this one are pretty sweet. I was just out for a jog, and my heart rate was through the roof. This lets me know I'm out of shape... way out of shape. A heart rate of 187 bpm used to let me know I was moving, fast; now it just means I'm going up a hill, and not even working hard.
Lame. But we'll see how this progresses over time.
Either way it was refreshing to be outside, running on grass the WHOLE time, with no shirt! Amazing.

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