Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 15: Nov 23, 2009

Not a 'HotLanta' day but definitely nice. At 10C it's quite a bit cooler than I was hoping for, but it was still pleasant none the less. More rolling hills, great grass to run on and a high heart rate (avg for 45 mins was about 170 and again; not going that fast!).
Today I really feel like I made a bit of headway. After yesterday's rest day, I did a lot better on the run. Less sore muscles, less walking (potentially due to better stretching and not running with the dog).

The laps are where I WALKED - yes I'm still walking during my runs. It's not that I can't push myself; I'm on vacation, heart rate is through the roof; and I'm okay to give it time. When I've forced my fitness to come back too fast; it's always hurt me in the long run; so I'm learning. Taking it easy in the beginning is OK!

Equipment: Layers
10C is a great temp to run outside in, especially after a rain.
Good clean air, crisp and refreshing, great for your muscles, and you're not over heating.
The bust is; once you warm up and start sweating; it's easy to develop a bit of a chill. Many runners like to wear a long sleeved base layer; but I think I found something better. Today I ran with my ARM WARMERS and regular running gear (short shorts & loose sweat wicking dry fit top). I was completely comfortable the whole time. For the first 10 minutes when I was a little chilly I wore the arm warmers; then when I warmed up, I tucked them in my shorts.
No need to take off the shirt and be TOO cold, and I was in my comfort zone. It's a little cycling/running gear cross over, but give it a try!

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