Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 1: Nov 09, 2009 - Lame

I'll be honest - I was hoping for a little more grandeur as I started my trek from 'office guru' to cycling super star... but alas. 6:00am came and went and I didn't get to the gym until 6:00pm.

5 minutes on the row machine.
This aint no warm-up; heart rate kicked up to 186bmp.
1212 meters rowed...

25 minutes on the spin bike.
Escalating heart rate.
0-5 mins (sub 137bpm)
5-10 mins (140 - 145bpm)
10-15 mins (single leg drills)
15-20 mins (150+ bpm)
20-23 mins (spin)

Ok so that was a lame blog, but so was the work out.
Seriously if the rest are this bad I wouldn't read my blog; but then again - it's not for YOU yet; it's for me - to make sure I work out and do more on day 15 than day 1. So check back then!

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