Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 18: Nov 26, 2009 - Turkey Day Atlanta (Ride & Run)

Turkey Morning - out on the bike. 90 minutes or so - more stats to come later. Click here for a map link. I LOVE Atlanta elevation. This was just a fun ride. I actually road a lot of the Atlanta Marathon route. This meant closed roads and lots of runners.
The pace wasn't really fast; I was just enjoying getting to go for a ride.
I also did a lot of one legged drills because with the constant elevation changes I realized how mush stronger my right leg was than my left and that's definitely something that needs to be worked on for next race season! (PS - this is now my longest outdoor ride of the year and I had a great time just having fun - even though I had to wear my arm warmers the whole time!)

HR 146 / 176
24.7 / 52.7

AND - then there was another run... with Billy, because, well - we can't go on rides together, so running it is. 2 a days are kinda nice and a little intense! But the bike comes FIRST.

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