Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 22: Nov 30, 2009 - A gym is not a . . .

freaking circus.

For me going to the gym is like watching Grey's Anatomy with my wife. If I'm in the mood - it's AMAZING - if I'm not, it's a chore, and today... it was like the forth sink full of dishes.

I was looking forward to coming back from my week long training in ATLANTA and wanted to follow it up with some good hard sweat in the iron chamber. But NOOOooo it had to be 'customer appreciation day'. I work out at a Premier Fitness because most of them are really nice; but there's a reason my club has a website that looks like 'this' (pathetic I know).

A quick list of circus acts acts I endured today whilst wanting to work out:
Live DJ
Tony Roma's free snacks
(which the whole neighborhood came to check out)
50" TV give a way (donated FREE by local business)
Christmas Lights
(oh and let's not forget the club manager running around in a suit clapping saying "it's almost time for the draw people")

Put 125 extra people into a gym that aren't dressed for the gym. Added to the extra 40 people not usally there on a Monday night and you have one squashed work out. Couldn't get on a pull up bar to save my life, the weights I wanted were all taken, or moved somewhere I couldn't find... I mustered getting the heart rate up for 10 minutes but seriously.

10:00 on the rowing maching
(2029 meters)

Yup - that's it, a whole trip to the gym for 10 minutes!
Hopefully tomorrow we can get in a double work out.

PS - free tip to gym owners and managers out there.
You want "Customer Appreciation":

1) Call up some sports supplements companies and get some free samples
(not fried food from next door)

2) Get a guest speaker or fitness celebrity in to speak.
(as 2010 is Canada's time - an Olympian might be nice. Oh you don't know where to find Olympians? Check out Agenda Sport Marketing - or ask the people you got the above free supplements from).

3) Prizes - TV's are nice; but what about a couple of 12 month memberships, or perhaps some of those over priced 'Personal Training' sessions you're constantly trying to sell?

Sorry folks; no quirky pictures, just whining.

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