Monday, December 21, 2009

Who is SuperGo Sam

A husband, a friend, an entrepreneur, a guy who used to be quick.
As I'm entering a new city's cycling community; I'm doing my best not to name drop, or rely too much on past experiences... but there was a time when I was an individually sponsored athlete who had a little respect on the start line. And as my training dipped a little this week; this blog is to remind myself who SuperGo Sam really is; an accomplished competitor, dedicated, disciplined racer :)

Once upon a time, I thought about placing my race resume on here because somebody called me 'inexperienced'...However googling "Sam Dumcum Duathlon" reminds me that that's not the case;

US National Duathlon 20-24 Grand Prix Champion
8 World Duathlon Championships (U/23 & AG)
45 Top Ten finishes... and many more to come!

"SuperGo Sam" also reminds me about how much fun I had getting into the sport.

In 2004, my first job after the US Marines was working at SuperGo Bike Shops, in Oceanside, California  and I loved it!  We carried everything from house brand Scattante to TdF brands like Cervelo and Cannondale in the road section, kiddie bikes, BMX bikes (that I NEVER touched), and a host of mountain bikes that took me a couple years to get a handle on.  It was such a great experience helping people get their first bike, or change their first flat or upgrade because they wanted to go faster, be more comfortable... I loved it and talked to everyone about what I did because I had so much fun.

And I had SuperGo everything, bottles, cages, tubes, locks, computers, shorts, jerseys... I was a walking billboard and thought it was the greatest thing ever.  "SuperGo Sam" actually came from our name tags; it said "SUPERGO" on the top and then there was a spot to write your name beneath; and thus SuperGo Sam was born.

It wasn't just about the bikes, it was the community and the people - hopefully that's what this space can be about a bit to; discovering the joy of cycling 'with' people again.

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