Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 41: Dec 19, 2009 - Grossness

OK, so I complain about MY gym a lot - I guess I should be counting my blessings because the one at a local mall is way worse. At least I feel my is clean; where-as the gym I went to today was dirty, sketch, and didn't have spin bikes. Instead of being completely bummed, I swallowed hard, turned up my headphones to drown out the disgusting music and construction workers and managed to bang out a decent weight workout.

Super Sets:

1) Leg Curls & Seated Row
Start with base weight, + 20 lbs each set (target of 15 reps)
As it got closer to the end I was dying and could only do 10 reps but I made it through 4 sets.

2) Leg Extensions & Pull Over Weight Machine
Start with base weight, + 20 lbs each set (target of 15 reps)
Usually I like to do individual legs on the extensions but today I did them together. This worked well as my left had to try and keep up with my right.
Pull Over - lean forward a little more than the guy in the picture and it really rocks your core.

4) Calf Press & Butter Fly
Calf press is always fun and kind of confusing but the sting came. Maybe because it was the end of the work out but you just have to grit through it.
Butter Fly - okay, I don't want to be big and bulky; but I do want to be able to throw my bike around on the hills and lean into the corners with sprinter power... And I can't stay a skinny white boy forever :P

Even though I spent 1/2 as much time in the gym as I wanted to - I burn
And as I write this blog 28 hours later; I still have a bit of soreness.
Note to self: Always remember to warm up doing a bit of cardio and stretching before hitting the weights, even if the gym is disgusting.

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