Sunday, July 22, 2012

Top 10 to Worlds

Today was the 2012 Canadian Duathlon Championships.  Simon Whitfield and Paula Findlay were racing a demonstrative tune up for the Olympic Games, and close to 200 athletes were racing for a slot at the 2013 World Duathlon Championships.

A full race report will come soon enough, but on a touch screen, let's just get it out there...

1) Congrats to Kevin Smith!
Sorry I didn't get a chance to say Hi. We raced together on Team Canada U23 team in Belgium in 2003 and he's very much still got "it".

2) Special thanks to my awesome wife, family and friends who supported me out on the race course... Great to have you guys there.

3) Team Kattouf is officially in Canada. Thanks to Cameron Dorn for a great training and racing plan.

4) I was racing a ROAD bike. (Thanks Racer Sportif Toronto for setting me up on a Scott Foil40)

5) See photo.

6 - years since the last time I "raced" at Canada Du Nats.


  1. Great job, mate. Your cycling time is solid!

  2. Thanks - Now if I could only get a run time to match ;)