Saturday, July 20, 2013

3 Weeks & Counting

As I'm sitting here waiting for my breakfast to digest before my brick work out today (2 mile run Z4 / 18 min bike Z4) X 2, I thought I should update this thing because it's almost time for the 2013 Duathlon World Championships!  Apparently it's a mere 504 hours, but who's counting.

Last night Triathlon Canada hosted their 'Pre-Worlds Meet & Greet' (presented by Steam Whistle & Flight Centre) and it was a great time of getting to connect and know some folks who are going to be racing in Ottawa - even though I didn't win any of the draw prizes :(.  A big push for the night was to qualify for the 2014 World Tri Champs in Edmonton.  Apparently as the host nation, Canada can qualify 1200 athletes for the Olympic / Sprint Triathlon Champs - that's a HUGE team.  Who knows, maybe it will be an incentive to get back in the pool. Apparently there's going to be almost 300 at Du Worlds in Ottawa, and almost 500 at Tri Worlds in London, ENG.  (very interesting how the 'home race' in Ontario, that should be cheaper to travel to is so small).

Lately my training motivation has begun to wane a little.  Tired from life, tired legs, ... I needed a boost.  Hopefully that came last night in the form of a red bag with my TEAM CANADA uniform in it!  It's still in the bag as I wanted to wait for Linda to get home before I opened it.  There was a huge storm yesterday and she ended up getting stuck at work until 0130.  Lightning striking the city, 7,000 people without power, tornado warnings, it was nuts.  Here's a photo from Simon Whitfield's downtown hotel of the lightning.

Ok - I think I'm done procrastinating - time to train.

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