Monday, October 15, 2012

Half Marathon Nutrition

You know how you're not supposed to try anything new on race day? Inevitably - I do! And this time it was "Vegan Sport".

My theory is that if you try something in training; it could be "just another work-out" but if something "works" in a race - it WORKS!

Well, my usual pre-race nutrition wasn't an option as every bike shop in town was closed and at the Toronto Bike Show; so I had to make due with what I found at a local nutrition shop.

Larabar is pretty much always part of my breakfast. The green apple ones to be specific.

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Pre-Workout Energizer
Found it didn't give me the tunnel vision some EAS and coffee does so I likely won't be using it again.

Endurance Gel
Nice and light. Looked very natural coming out of the package. Generally I mix 1 gel with 4 parts water in a flask and sip between 10km & 12km markers. Over time I've found this takes away the sticky mouth I get with anything other than plain GU.
The Raspberry was actually a little "seedy" and that was a bit annoying.

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