Saturday, September 8, 2012

Post-Rain Running

After a good rain is one of my favourite times to run, especially on a Saturday afternoon.

*Disadvantages*: It's WET
Puddles - cars seem to love splashing in them as much as kids and "don't notice" you running.
Plants get your legs and shorts wet or drip on you (I like trail running).
Muck stuck in your shoe tread (hate that).

*Advantages*: it's CLEAN
Air - maybe its because I live in Toronto, but I always feel the air is easier to breathe after a good rain.
Fresh Smell - its own natural motivation.
Time - most people who would run in the morning, get too busy and the trails are delightfully e m p t y.
Temperature - at least here the temp dips a good 8C from normal. A couple cloudy hours leave enough time to get a cool run in before the sun's back out!

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