Friday, August 24, 2012

Week 1 - Toronto 1/2 Marathon

It's officially crunch time for the Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon

Last year I ran a 1:45:53 in my first 'official' attempt at the 21.1km distance.  While that effort felt amicable, my loving wife - who registered us for the event online, decided to put me in the 1:30 category to "push me" - Thanks Sweetie :p

In looking at my Duathlon times, my run definitely needs some work so a kick in the pants isn't the worst thing for me.  With having a bit of base following the Toronto Triathlon Festival (Canadian Duathlon Championships), and three weeks of vacation (with very little running), it's been interesting to put together a running program to help me peak for race day (Oct 14, 2012) .

My plan consists of a combination of the wildly popular Runner's World 1:30 Half Marathon Training Plan, Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon 1:30 Training Plan, both condensed to 8 weeks with what I can realistically fit in my schedule.  The people running 1:30 are obviously quicker than I am, so hopefully this works!

SuperGo Sam's 8 Week Half Marathon Training Plan: Week 1
The plan is to start decent shape, and ease into it.  Looking at where everyone else is on their 12 week training plans though, we may need to tighten the curve a little.

Monday - 5km
EASY (jog)

Tuesday - 5km
1200m warm-up
800 x 3 (2:50 pace) - or whatever feels very quick to you
400m recovery walk / job between sets or 3 mins; whichever comes first
cool down

* I do my 800m workouts on the road with my Garmin Edge 500 GPS.  The distance is more inconsistent than running on the track, but it's a little more realistic for me as I'll be racing on the road.  If the track were less than 4km away, and open when I want to run (7am), I'd likely be on the track.

Wednesday - off
No Running
(Commuted to work by bike, 30km total)

Thursday - 8km
1500m warm-up
5k @ 13km/hr (4:35/km)
1500m cool down
(Commute to work by bike, 15km)

Friday - 15km
Steady easy pace; "getting in the miles"
(15k bike, easy)

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