Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Euro Nutrition - Corny Big

While part of me wishes this was a joke, it's not.
And the website makes it better;

Recently my wife and I were on vacation in Prague, and I needed some snacks for the way home.
As there was only one little, slightly larger than convenience store, grocery shop, we picked up some sustenance there.  As there wasn't a large selection of cereal bars; I grabbed what I could get.

We ended up flying KLM home and they fed us decently well (even though I had to ask for snacks twice, there was always something).  So today I was in the office and a co-worker commented, so I thought I'd share.

To be fair, it was quite delicious. And it had an expiry date of a year from date produced.  I appreciated that, don't see many bars with that these days.  Can't read the nutritional value, nor ingredients, but it had hazelnut and chocolate; all I really cared about! 

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