Friday, June 8, 2012

Training Sick

For the past six days, my wife has been sick :( Cough, head aches, super sore throat... Tried traditional meds, nada.

I've been upping my vitamin C intake to try and fight it and stay healthy, but after my overgear work out on Thursday I lost the battle. From 6-11pm I was in bed sweating out a crazy fever. And now I have a ridiculously sore throat. Went to the Doctor, and his genius advice was, "its a nasty virus going around; drink lots of water, rest, and take cold medication". He thought my throat looked like I might be developing strep...really and all you can say is drink some water?

We have a shelf / fridge full of orange products and other fruit we've been eating, and today my wife upped the ante. Home made Korean based chicken soup. (This soup *almost* makes getting sick worth it)

So anyhow, this is now officially cramping my workout schedule and I don't know what to do. I can still breathe, swallowing SUCKS, and I feel weak. Should I spin on the bike, train through, rest???


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