Friday, May 31, 2013

Garmin Edge 500 For Sale

Not wanting to disappoint my Garmin has gotten my butt on the bike more times than I can count (including as soon as I'm done this post). And now that I've decided that, once again, I'm a duathlete, not a cyclist, I'm after something that can switch from 'bike to run' in the same work out.

If you're searching for a cycling computer and stumbled across this; note this is 100% hands down the one to get.  It's great for detailed views of power, cadence, speed, ... everything you could want for data.  And it's super light weight, easy to read, flexible mounting options; it just doesn't work with a footpod.  If I didn't do so much treadmill training (lets face it, I live in Toronto), it would likely stay with me until one of us died.

Gently Used Garmin Edge 500 Cycling Computer

$175 includes:
Garmin Edge 500 (Blue & Grey) GPS Ant+ head unit ($250 new)
+ Charging Cable
+ Bike Mount (quarter turn)
(charges great, downloads great, everything in perfect working order. See photo - this is from day ad is posted).

Garmin Quick Release Mounting Kit ($25 new)
+ Bike Mount (raised)
+ Watch Face (add your own strap)
+ Belt Clip adapter

Purchased in 2011 after I lost my original Edge 500 - it's really that great. Email me and I'll share my connect.garmin account and you can see my work outs. Spending a lot more time running and am not using all of the power options this has. Works great with my Ant+ Powertap. Firmware fully updated.

More photos on Craigslist:

Buying new ($250) details:

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