Thursday, March 4, 2010

Count Down's DEAD

OK - so getting back on the bike didn't quite work as planned.
It seems as though I was a better professional cyclist than weekend warrior.
Looking at my stats from the last five weeks, my average trainer time is a pathetic 5 hours.
Even if I'm VERY generous with myself and say "one hour on the trainer is worth two on the road" (which isn't true so please don't quote me on that!) - I'd still only be at 10!

WOW - so much to learn.

1. How to be married ad GET OUT OF BED!
(Honeymoon's over but I still like to stay up late, talking, and cuddling in the morning)

2. Set stronger boundaries at work.
If I go in at 7:30am - I do get a two hour lunch break to RIDE, not to get caught up doing other work.

3. I'm still young enough to kick it but if I keep letting the years slip by...

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